What do I do once my item sells on bethie b?
Simply click the “edit/remove my item” on the bethie b. homepage or in your email that provided your “edit listing” number. It allows you to edit your listing or simply remove it once it’s sold.

What items do you take and not take?
If you have a unique, stylish, quality interior item that is in good to great condition, please send it our way for review. We accept stylish and quality furniture items, original and recycled artwork, select home décor items, contemporary antiques, and more. Fill out the simple online form today and start selling your great items today. It takes only a few minutes, so what do you have to lose?

I have numerous items to list … can you help?
If you have numerous items you’d like to list from your home or small business, we’d be happy to assist with taking photos and uploading your items. We offer preferred rates and options for listing multiple items. Contact us today for more information.

How do I pay for and secure the item I want?
Simply email the seller of the item you want to confirm availability, ask any questions and make arrangements to pick-up the item (whether in person or through a moving vendor). You can then arrange to pay the seller in person for the item when you pick it up OR pay them securely via PayPal and arrange for it to be picked-up.

How do I arrange to pick-up my item from the seller and have it delivered?
Simply email the seller of the item you want, arrange what will work for both of you for payment (in person or via PayPal), and set-up a time that will work to have the item picked up. Then just call one of the bethie b. preferred delivery services and ensure that time also works for them to pick it up and deliver it to your home. Then just sit back and wait for your item to arrive.

I don’t have time (and I’m a little hesitant) to go to pick up my item from the seller – are there other options?
bethie b. has a list of preferred (third-party) local moving companies to handle all the heavy lifting listed on our site. Call one today to arrange your pick up with the seller and just sit back and wait for your great new items to arrive.

What if my items weren’t accepted at this time – will I be charged?
No way. We only charge the $10 listing fee if your item is accepted and listed in the online boutique.

How long will my item be listed?
Your item(s) will be listed and advertised for 60 days without needing to repost anything or pay any additional fees. After 60 days, you may repost your item.

How do you decide the charities you feature each month?
Our charities are decided by suggestions and causes we believe in. Know of a great charity that you would recommend? Please email us at info@bethieb.com today to let us know.

I don’t know where to start when decorating my home?
We often hear this concern from clients. The first thing you need to know is there are no rules. Choose what you like and don’t worry about trends or what the experts say. Find inspiration from places and items you love. Fill your walls with your favorite pictures and photos of friends and family. Use anything for art: records, house numbers, frame an old dress you love but doesn’t fit, magazine photos, old greeting cards you can’t throw away, posters, make your own canvas — the skies the limit. Put a new coat of paint on an old dresser or table to spice it up. Like the color blue? Paint your room blue. Love the color orange – buy orange curtains. Have a party and get ideas from friends. And most of all – have fun. You should walk in your house and know it’s your home, with your personality, everyday. Keep visiting our online journal for design ideas! You can do no wrong, and the beauty of decorating it can change as much as you want to!

Can you assist with finding items I’m looking for?
Looking for something specific? Want personal shopping assistance to find the perfect items for your home? We’d be happy to help. Contact us today.

What if the item I’m interested in ends up not looking like the photos the seller posted?
bethie b. strives to ensure sellers provide a full description of their item with ample photos, as well as any disclaimers of any and all imperfections upfront in their product form prior to acception. That being said, we can only review what is provided to us via the online form and photos. To ensure an over the top great experience, we recommend you see the item you are purchasing before you buy it. If that is not possible, ask the seller if they can provide additional photos or information if you have any concerns once reaching out to them regarding the sale.

What if my item doesn’t sell on bethie b.?
If for one reason or another your item doesn’t sell, we have various options for you. You can relist your item on our site for another 60 days, possibly with an adjusted price. You can donate your item (as a tax deduction) to a great charity. Or, is there a way you can try to rework your item back into your home?

Who sells on bethie b.?
Example 1: Jennifer owns a small business that refurbishes furniture and antiques. She wants to list some of her items to advertise her great interiors.
Example 2: Marc from Andersonville doesn’t have space for a mint condition vintage armoire passed down from his great aunt’s spanish bungalow.
Example 3: Jena’s baby has outgrown her Pottery Barn crib and changing table. They’re like new, and she’d like to sell it to put the money towards a new daybed for her daughter, Rylan.
Example 4: Sarah in Bucktown is moving to a new condo and has decided the space doesn’t fit her modern/contemporary West Elm furniture she just purchased last year.
Example 5: David is an amazing Chicago up-and-coming artist who wants to increase exposure for his new pieces and decides to list a few of his paintings.

Who buys on bethie b.?
Example 1: Katie, from Uptown, just bought her first condo and is ready to upgrade her furniture, but she doesn’t want to spend a fortune. She wants a personalized look, but doesn’t have the time to scourer for good deals or the budget to buy one-of-a-kind items from local boutiques.
Example 2: Michelle in Lincoln Park has been searching for the perfect sideboard for their townhome’s entry way. She can’t seem to find anything other than cookie cutter styles from big box stores or anything that is under $3,000.
Example 3: Kathryn just got a promotion and wants to re-style her bedroom. She likes to mix and match items to personalize her look, and despite having the budget, hates the thought of paying such a high-mark-up to buy amazing items retail.