midnight in paris.

April 12th, 2012 by bethie b.

It’s hard to deny the magic and style that Paris has as an influencer and icon for every day design. Whether you’re a frequent visitor or it’s on your short list to get to soon, you can easily smuggle some of the charm of Paris into your own home. Our minds seem go in overdrive mode when we visit, so here’s just a few of our favorite Paris inspired ideas to easily incorporate:
  • Doors. The architecture and doors of Paris were instantly what caught my eye. As if envisioning the picturesque lives of those living behind them wasn’t enough, the doors themselves were street level art that made turning every new corner that much more surreal and museum-esque. Get the look by turning a salvaged door, from a local antique mall or flea market, into a statement piece in any room by spray painting it a bright color in a matte or high gloss. Simply lean it against a wall for instant art, turn it sideways for a unique headboard, or make your own dining room table by setting it atop two pedestals, saw-horses or one-of-a-kind base.
  • Landscapes. Bring the outdoors in by choosing the right art and architectural furniture pieces for your home.
  • Art. Create your own Louve-esque gallery in your space by arranging your favorite art in various mis-matched or uniform frames. Frame your favorite cards, screen prints, posterboard, fabric….really anything you can think of that speaks to you. It’s the perfect way to fake it til you make it …. or hey, simple make it yourself. Worried the aligning and nailing task seems daunting – no worries. Simply use newspaper or magazine pages to trace out the size of your frames, tape them on the wall in the arrangement you desire, mark where you want your nails on the paper for each frame, and oila – your own gallery arrangement.