Why Sell

  • Go green – Furniture accounts for 9.8 million tons of household waste and is the number one least-recycled item in a household. Support green living by selling your high quality recycled artifacts.
  • Reach your target audience of purchasers – We are committed to advertising, marketing and promoting your items to the right people to ensure they get sold.
  • Sell your items – Easily and quickly get paid what you should for your quality interiors.
  • Nothing to lose – The cost to list is so minimal you have nothing to lose.
  • High standards – bethie b. only accepts premiere items so we can attract the elite audience who appreciates your quality interiors and is willing to pay what they’re worth.
  • No hassle – No need to haul your item to a consignment store or deal with non-serious buyers on other sites.
  • Less time consuming – no need to repost your item every 7 days like on Craigslist – your nominal posting fee guarantees prominent placement for 60 days in our online boutique.
  • Easy – In less than 5 minutes your item can be sent to review for our premiere online boutique. You’ll be informed if it is accepted for posting within 24 hours. Once approved, it is posted by category and promoted for 60 days in our online boutique.
  • Pay it forward – A portion of every listing fee goes to a new charity each month. Feel good about paying forward your premiere interiors to stylish customers AND help a good cause.

Steps for Sellers

  1. Fill out the easy online review form for bethie b.
  2. Receive an email back from bethie b., in less than 24 hours, to confirm if your item(s) are accepted in the boutique.
  3. Once accepted, pay only $10 to list your item in the bethie b. boutique for 60 days (In addition, 10% of every listing fee goes to a new charity each month – thank you!).
  4. Sit back while bethie b. advertises and promotes our boutique to a target audience to sell your interiors.
  5. Customers will email you to inquire about your item, preferred payment (cash in person vs. PayPal) and to arrange a pick-up time (in-person or from a delivery service).
  6. Once sold, simply click “remove item” from the homepage.